Please, Feed us on how we feed you

I am from the United States, where we are known to have the best burgers in the world. I have also traveld extensively through Europe and I have been terribly disappointed by the burgers, until I stumbled upon BurgerBar!!! Hands down best burger in all of Europe! I felt like I was back home, and if there was a BurgerBar where I lived I would be there all the time! Amazing atmosphere, great friendly service, and above all amazing burgers!!!

Scott Mitchell, 08/01/2014


Superb, the best burger in my life, irish meat was great, greeting from Cartagena, Spain. I am very sorry you are not at Spain, but I will visit you again soon, ;-)

Diego Egea., 19/09/2013


In two Words "SUPER AWESOME" and maybe the best Burger in the World and I tried a lot of them. When you come to Amsterdam prepare a quick break at will never forget this Burger.
Rock on guys, see you next time in Amsterdam

Bjoern, 19/08/2013


You guys are amazing! As a chef who looks for places like your you have gone far and beyond all expectations. The staff were great even at 2 in the morning, the food was freah and hot and so dam tasty. I would recomend Burger Bar to anyone, even a vegan becasue thats how good it was. Well done guys and thanks for such a cool place.

Daniel Rathmell, 07/04/2013


I discovered this invention in Amsterdam winter 2012. IT WAS AMAZING!! I can feel the taste until now. For real, I wanna go back to Amsterdam someday for Burgur Bar.
Guys you ROCK /m\

Ammar, 27/03/2013


The first time I had a burger at the Burger Bar (Kolksteeg) was a few months ago as it reminded me of a similir place in Toronto. Excellent burgers, great fries and a friendly, cheerfful staff. Every time I visit Amsterdam (two times a month) it is on top of my list of places where I would like to eat. Pity it is often too busy. Today, though, I was lucky and had same great experience (this time in the Warmoesstraat) again. You will see me back soon...if there are any free seats :)

Toon , 26/01/2013


I took the black angus with bacon and cheddar, the best burger I ate in all my life!

I hope you will open a burger bar in Brussels soon !

Alan, 26/01/2013


I visited Amsterdam with some friends at the beginning of the month and we found your place. I can honestly say i had the best (veggie) burger I have ever had, it was delicious! The stilton cheese just made it. We even came round a second time before we left, and waited in the rain for seats it was that good.

We'll definetely be visiting again on our next trip :D great food

Helen, 28/12/2012


Dear Burger Bar Amsterdam, I LOVE your burgers! My boyfriend and I live in Duesseldorf/Germany and our first thing that we do when we come to your city is visiting you and have a big kobe beef burger with fritjes and joppie sauce!! They are sooo great - please open up a store in Germany, Duesseldorf would be the place ... ;-) Best wishes and see you on Monday!

Sarah Vieten, 28/12/2012


I was at your location opposite the gothic movie theater tonight and had the best burger ever. The guy behind the counter (english) was super nice and friendly. I'll come back for a quality meal next time I'm in town!

Maxime, 10/12/2012


The Black angus with Cheddar and Bacon....Man, what a delightful taste. Every ingredient is fresh and tastes A-MA-ZING. This is by far the best burger you can get In the Netherlands. Next time I'm in Amsterdam I will defintely see you guys again. Please, never leave and keep grilling those excellent pieces of art.

Thanks for the sensation,
Dennis (Enkhuizen - Nederland)

Dennis, 08/12/2012


We love Burger Bar.. We travel to Amsterdam twice a year and have to get Burger Bar several times... It's the best burger in the world... I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and just heard there is a Burger Bar here... I went to their website and it's not the Burger Bar I'm looking for... They stole your name... I'm upset.... I will pick up my real Burger Bar in May 2013... See you soon

Michelle Gordon, 07/12/2012


I'am not happy! I tried to eat at the reguliersbreestraat tonight with my NU-deal. I tried to make a reservation by phone. This was not possible nobody was answering the phone!!! on the unternet there is no site for reservation. Thje people in the restaurant send me away in a very rude way. I asked what's the problem. I'am here, I have my voucher and there is room to eat. never the less they didn.t want to take the voucher and a girl at the counter was very rude in signing to het male coworker that we had to go. RUDE! This is akward and a teribble way to handle your clients! Shame on you. i think i had to make the reservation while buying the voucher. But whne the date on the voucher is ready to use till april 29th 2013 how to I know when I want to go!!!!

Eva, 24/11/2012


The best burger place by miles. Everytime we are in Amsterdam we are in the burger bar, perfect recipe after a night out!!!

Taran, 19/11/2012


I promised to write a review if the Burger was Great. And they are! The irish beef might be normal.[Still great compared to the other junk out there]
But when you move up the ladder and get Angus or Kobe. The burgers are simply awesome. Basically; in a world were most burgers are grinded paper, burger bar offers real meat and thus the real deal. If you love meat, and you have a chance to visit, then do it ! Greetings from Armenia

David King, 17/11/2012


Hee your cheese steak sandwich taste almost as good like those in USA. please let al your locations sell it! because it is too bad that only the warmoesstraat sell it!

thanks for the good food!

brian, 12/11/2012


I am a big fan of hamburger. I eat hamburgers almost every week, it's my favorite food!
I visited Amsterdam and I ate your wagyu beef burger. For me it was the best hamburger of my life. Congratulations!

Greetings from Brazil.

Luis Guilherme Vallilo, 11/11/2012


The best burger I have had in my life! And it's true!!! Thank you so much, you understand what a burger needs to taste like :) Greetings from Amsterdam

Irena, 27/10/2012



Nabil, 28/09/2012


Phenomenal. No trip to the dam is complete without one of these bad boys.
Unbelievably good.

Richard Fulton, 25/09/2012



Myself and 2 friends (one a vegetarian) visited Amsterdam last week. We ate at your place near Damrak, the experience was amazing, best burgers I ever ate (better than the ones in US).
So since I cannot travel weekly to Amsterdam :) I wanted to ask if you have any plans to open something similar in other locations out of Nederlands. I couldn't find any info on your web site related to franchise but I am very interested in this.
Please let me know any details or conditions for a potential franchise.

Thank you kindly,

Andy, 22/08/2012


Let me give you my compliments .. . I have tried in other countries, but unfortunately you are only in amsterdam ... I hope that soon you open new stores in every country of Europe particularly in Italy! Thanks again!
The best meal you can eat in Amsterdam!

Raffaele, 28/07/2012


I visited you 3 times on my trip to Amsterdam - It was amazing! Can I buy the sauces anywhere? Or recipes?? Please and Thanks!!!

Louie, 23/07/2012


Travelling through Europe sampling classic french Cuisine and stuffing my face with an Authentic 5 course Italian feast, the highlight of my trip was the Black Angus 270gram beef burger with jalopenos.

Regards from South Africa

Clayton, 16/07/2012


Wow wow wow! It's the best burger in Amsterdam, Holland! Great staff at Burger Bar, very clean AND so so so fabalous atompshere! And of course, fabalous wood walls, reli likes it! Thanks for lovely food!

Steff85, 16/07/2012


Greetings from Stockholm Sweden,
Had your burgers and fries last day whilst in Amsterdam. I love food and the reason we tried you was because of the great smell of your burgers from the outside while checking the menue out. My nose didnt dissapoint me. Great burgers and fries!
Will eat in your restaurants again when im back next time. Keep up the good work!

Alejandro, 16/07/2012


I am flying from UAE simply to have your burger once more. :) AUGUST

Firas FK, 08/07/2012


The best burger of Holland! The juiciest burger and the fries are delicious! Great service too! :D

Timothy Lie, 21/06/2012


amazing hamburger the best i had tried ....

emanuele gelsomini , 18/06/2012


One of the best burger that I have ever tasted in my life.

Majeed, 14/06/2012


Your burgers are awensome, I really liked the irish beef.
you saved my life !!!!!!! :D
I hope to eat again there, I miss you

greetings from Italy.

Gill, 31/05/2012


I ordered the 270g Waygu with pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, bleu cheese and bacon. It was the most amazing burger I have ever tasted. The pickles taste homemade, and I loved the long cut. The fries are outlandishly good, Besides the food itself, the staff were patient, extremely efficient and courteous. Thank you for offering such a high quality product and experience!

Shawn Carpenter, 18/05/2012


Your burgers kept me alive while I visited your city for 10 days last year! Staff is awesome and burgers are really good. Thanks keep up the great work!

PS - I keep your logo on my office wall to remind me what I'm missing :)

Mark, 11/05/2012


Please please please start home delivery! It would give me a reason to wake up in the mornings and make my life more enjoyable. I love burgerbar so much!

Kind regards...

Antonio, 10/05/2012


Best burgers in Holland!!!! Would love a burger bar in Utrecht as well :)
Really good fresh quality, and quick! I love it.
I actually get ill when I haven't had a burger bar burger in a while!
Please continue the good work!
Kind regards!

ralf, 01/05/2012


Really GREAT burgers! Please open more franchises! :)

Tan, 13/04/2012


Hey, my name is Can! I was on sylvester in Amsterdam on a bachelor party before Beginning we eat at burger bar after that day we ate again at burger bar- very good taste and daily fresh and also a very good concept i think! Do you franchise burger bar? If yes, please send all flyers and tell me all relevant requirements that i must have! THANK YOU! Yours sincerely, CAN !

Can,11/04/2012, 11/04/2012


Your burger is the best I ever ate, but especially the vegetables on it I could taste that they were very fresh and delicious. Thanks for your enjoyable burger.

shirley, 10/04/2012


Delicious, delicious, delicious. I'm a weird girl, and love burgers but not the buns. Guess what?? No problem! I had the most delicious burger and fries to die for and then to see that all the sauces are homemade and therefore.. delicious, did I mention delicious? But especially the service was incredible and so friendly. So.. I'm from Zutphen, but will come back while my boyfriend is doing his intern here.. And then, when he's done, burger-bar is going to move to the east part of the country right?? I'd even travel to Deventer, or Zwolle, or Arnhem, or Nijmegen, or Apeldoorn.. more burger bars!

Anne Westerhof, 05/04/2012


I'm from Chicago, so obviously burgers outside the US are a constant source of disappointment to me.....and sadly burgers are about the only American thing I ever miss! As nice as it's always been to lose weight in Amsterdam (most actual Dutch food is borderline inedible), FINALLY a place I can GORGE myself on your delicious burgers. FINALLY a place with burgers as good as the ones back home, even BETTER than many places I've been, and your menu has a lot of selection too. I've lived in Amsterdam on and off for about a decade now and this was what the city needed most. I love you. Like really, really, truly madly deeply :) And you're open late! And you'll soon have DELIVERY! You guys are amazing, the staff is friendly, and seriously, opening up between a Burger King and a McDonald's and EXPANDING? BALLS. Brass fucking balls and it's nice to see a local business holding its own between 2 horrible corporate franchises with inferior product. I get it that Assen is too small for you to bother opening a Burger Bar here, but Groningen maybe? PLEASE WE NEED YOU!!!!!

S, 24/03/2012


Also i would greatly appreciate your assistance with my home cooking of burgers, can you tell me any reason why my burgers keep falling apart & any seasonings/spices i should add to really give a good flavour?


Sonny, 24/02/2012


I visited one of your bars recently and have to say that this is the BEST burger i have ever ever had and will have in my whole life (this coming from someone who has ate burgers in every part of the world including the US) I had the kobe beef burger
It was well worth the wait & i support quality over efficiency
It is a shame that i live in London otherwise i would make sure i was your best customer :-)

Sonny, 24/02/2012


First of all, we love your burgers. A burger will never taste the same after tasting your delicious food at Burger Bar.. We would like to ask about the oportunity to take the franchise to Norway, and open Burger Bars in the major cities. Research has shown that there is a huge potential in the market, and your fresh food concept fits right into the trend that we see in the norwegian market. Please let us know if this is something that you would like to discuss further.

Andreas, 20/02/2012


Hey guys! Really nice joint and good service. Although I heard lots of positive things, I think the burgers weren't that great to be honest. Maybe I need a revisit :)...

Tim, 20/02/2012


Best Burgers in the UNIVERSE!

Howard Ogden, 14/02/2012


Actually the best burgers in the Universe. Great service too. Can't wait to come back and try the Wagyu burger! Cheers guys.

Andy, 10/02/2012


How soon is your delivery service going to be up and running? Can't wait!

Sophie, 10/02/2012


i just had your burgers this past week and they are by far the best i have ever had. and burgers are my food of choice

Peter C, 27/01/2012


Number 1 for burgers, fries are good too and the service!

Joel, 25/01/2012


Your burgers are the best burgers in the world! I have already visited amsterdam only to eat one of the delicious wagyu burgers.. and i will do it again! hope someone open a shop in germany soon..
best wishes .. andi wand

andi, 25/01/2012


The best burgers in A'dam (and not only). I moved to Brussels, and it's what I miss the most here. Please, somebody open a franchise store in Brussels!

Loucas, 19/01/2012



Come to Rotterdam soon , PLEASE!!!
WE NEED YOU !!! :-))

Cimart, 17/01/2012


I went to Amsterdam last spring and I've never stopped thinking about your kobe beef burger. I am coming back to Amsterdam, and one big reason for that is your delicious burgers. Bring Burger Bar to Norway!

Benjamin, 15/01/2012


Your burgers were amazing. I have been living in Hollan for 6 months now and all the burgers are these nasty processed meat but yours were absoloutly delicious. Please open one in Rotterdam, we need you here!

Saskia, 14/01/2012


and i like it

Geertje, 09/01/2012


fresh, succulent and very very memorably delicious burgers.
the vibe was so chilled made enjoying the burger even easier!
bring it to the Hague PLEASE! <3

Teresah, 05/01/2012


Best Burger in Town!!! ;)

Great Design!

Steffi and Christoph, 30/12/2011


Great food!
And even greater staff!!
Relaxed and positive attitude.
And honest. Lost my public transport card and they returned it without hesitation.
Thanx a lot!

Reina, 29/12/2011


hi, i'm from italy and i've been 4 times in amsterdam...of course one of my bigger problems when i'm there is what to eat, cos, let me be onest, out of italy the food it's always crap...but since i've been in a burger bar i haven't got this problem cos yours it's the best food i have ever found in holland, please trust me, i'm not jouking ...I LOVE U BB...THANKS !

matteo, 28/12/2011


Would be nice to have different sauces for burgers, something spicy - even just mayo & sambal combo. Also jalopenos & ananas to add would be great.

You rock, the burgers are amazing. But I need more spice :)


henna, 09/12/2011


Hi,Although I enjoy your burgers, I would like to see you offer an organic beef burger as well. As you mention, "choice" is one of your core values, however this is one choice you are not offering. A choice that, I believe, should be offered in this day and age. Moreover, in doing so, you would: 1) set your brand even more apart, 2) set a precedent and example, 3) invest in a sustainable future.Sincerely,Karel Philips

Karel Philips, 08/12/2011


Eating a burger at the Burger Bar before going to Pathe to watch a movie is on of my favorite rituals in Amsterdam, keep it up guys!

Jorrik, 16/11/2011


Hey guys!
You have the best burger i ever ate.
I want to talk to you about importing it to Israel.
Please contact me, thanks

Alex, 22/10/2011


WOW!!! ate there twice in 3 days, Loved it, Best Burgers around, I actually traveled from the airport 3 hours before my flight to get a Burger Bar fix before I left!!

Vince, 02/10/2011


Hi Guys. Thank you for your delicious and epic burgers. I'm from Rome and every day after work at IBC we went to eat with my colleagues. N1
THANK YOU. See you next year.

Lorenzo, 16/09/2011


Best burger i ever head! Pleeeeeease open up in frankfurt. Soooooon, cant wait...

Sebastian, 02/09/2011





Wow! I was in Amsterdam with a friend and we decided to try Burgerbar (then one near Rembrandtplein). It was simply AMAZING! We got the 270gram Kobeburger with cheddarcheese and bacon: nothing less than burger perfection! I have never tasted a burger that delicious before and will definitely eat there again! The staff was friendly, proffesional and cooked the burgers just right!

Erik (from Norway), 04/07/2011


The burger is great and hoping to be there soon .

Yusuf, 04/07/2011


I miss burger bar so much, first thing I want to do when going back to Amsterdam is have one. Open one up in Portugal!!

Jerome, 30/06/2011


I visited you last friday, excellent!! best burger I've really eaten, I must come back ASAP

Andrea Marzuoli, 28/06/2011



Een goede virend van mij is enorme fan van hamburgers en dan vooral van de Burger Bar. Ik wil 'm voor z'n verjaardag het liefst iets van een tegoedbon/waardebon van de Burger Bar geven en misschien wat leuke gadgets. Kunnen jullie mij daar aan helpen (ik woon in de buurt van Amsterdam)? Ik hoor graag hoe ik hier aan kan komen. Ik ben te bereiken via of 06-33034454.

Vriendelijke groet,
Nowelle Barnhoorn

Nowelle Barnhoorn, 26/03/2011


thanx for a real good burger experience in your amsterdam location. im intressted in opening a store like this. what are the conditions of a franchise? please send me infos as soon as possible.

omar, 14/03/2011


Dear BurgerBar,

Where can i find the amound of caloriees from every ingredient or a burger as a whole?

Friendly greetings,

Marthe Breure

Marthe Breure, 17/02/2011


We visit burger bar on each visit to amsterdam and love it! We look forward to returning and enjoying the great service once more.

Amy Lacey, 16/02/2011


hey guys,

great homepage, great burgers! i am a big fan of your concept, but i really do miss the pineapple! so if that could be on the menu again? ;)

friederike niehoff, 04/02/2011


The Burger Bar is great! Please open up a restaurant in Berlin!

Chris , 03/02/2011


Love your burgers

Bas, 29/01/2011


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